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Контроллер Sparky V1.1

Sparky V1.1

3,680 руб.
Код: 4038
Код производителя: Sparky V1.1

GPS capable for functions such as RTH (Return To Home), Position Hold and Waypoint navigation in conjunction with a ground station.
Mavlink compatible for the use of telemetry radios for use with a ground station to provide location information and waypoint navigation.
Barometric pressure sensor on board for accurate altitude hold indoors or out
9 dof accelerometer / gyro for the absolute quickest and most accurate angle recognition and correction
2 serial ports
PPM only - SBus Support and DSM2/x support with user selectable 3.3v or 5v setting.
Camera stabilization output for 3 axis
10 channel outputs
Up to 3 adc inputs for rssi
Very compact design, perfect for small UAV's where space is limited. Also excellent in larger machines as well.
Weight 6.9g with right angle header pins
30mm x 30mm mounting pattern
-Taulabs ground station / firmware compatible
Vehicle compatibility options include:
Multirotor - Quad X, Quad +, Hex, Hex x, Hex Y6, Octo, Octo V, Octo Coax X, Octo Coax + Ground
Car/Truck, Motorcycle, Tank Helicopter
CCPM, FP Fixed Wing
Standard (elevator, aileron, rudder), Elevon and VTail mixing Custom - mix your own settings for almost any vehicle 

В принципе, тот же контроллер СС3D, но с бародатчиком, выходом на подвес и CAN

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